Mrs. Abigail Hill

Teacher Spotlight - Abigail Hill, HS English Teacher


Mrs. Hill began her teaching career in 2017 at Arkoma Public Schools.  She currently teaches 9th-12thgrade English and Advanced Placement English. She says that she got into the education field because of the influence of her high school English teacher.  She has her Bachelor’s degree in English and would love to get her Master’s Degree in British Literature.

Mrs. HilI comes from a very large, loud family who are all very close. Her dad, a preacher, and her mom, a preschool teacher, are some of the most influential people in her life.  She says her husband is her best friend and has always encouraged her love for teaching.  Mrs. Hill enjoys reading and finding new genres of music to listen to.  She also loves thrift shopping and is a really good cook!

As for her students, she values making an impact in their life.  She loves seeing a student excited to learn or seeing them light up when they finally have that “Aha!” moment.  She wants her students to know that they are valued and loved for their individuality. She also believes that any child can learn, and that there’s no way she would ever give up on them!